Our Journey

Established in 1978, Casa de Amparo is recognized as a major force in the treatment and prevention of child abuse and neglect in San Diego County.

Casa de Amparo was founded by a small group of local women concerned about domestic violence and the welfare of children. Led by the Women’s Resource Center and supported by local police, this team pushed for a safe home for children (then known as The Crisis Center and now called Residential Services) for those affected by or at risk of child abuse. It was at this point that Casa de Amparo opened its doors.

In 2012, Casa de Amparo’s Residential Services relocated from Old Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside to Casa Kids Campus in San Marcos, California. The Casa Kids Campus sits on 11.4 acres of land, providing cozy, home-like cottages, and expansive outdoor areas for play.

Most recently in 2014, Residential Services began housing pregnant and parenting foster girls and their infants. Casa de Amparo is currently the only licensed residential treatment center in San Diego County to provide these services.

Today, Casa de Amparo continues to expand by serving each Casa Kid’s individual and changing needs through all their stages of life. Casa de Amparo is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization offering six programs serving all of San Diego County, with locations in Oceanside and San Marcos.

On behalf of the thousands of Casa Kids and families served over the years, we want to express our gratitude to our supporters who have joined us in our vision of making our community one where child abuse and neglect are not tolerated and where child abuse awareness and prevention are priorities.

Thank you for helping Casa Kids heal, grow, and create the bright futures they deserve.