Mission & Values

Our mission is to support those affected by and at risk of child abuse and neglect, through a range of programs and services that promote healing, growth, and healthy relationships.

Our vision is that Casa de Amparo is recognized as a major force in the field of child abuse prevention. Partnering with the greater San Diego community, we ensure that children and their families receive unique and innovative services for healing, for stopping child mistreatment of any kind, and for ending generational cycles of abuse. The result is a community where child abuse and neglect are not tolerated, and where child abuse awareness and prevention are priorities.

Over the years, many volunteers and professionals have dedicated their lives to developing additional programs that provide the highest quality care and services for children and families. Following are the values that have guided the staff and Board of Directors in their decisions.

  • To demonstrate our commitment to preventing cycles of child abuse by remembering that at the heart of each program or service is an existing or future child who deserves to thrive without fear of abuse or neglect.
  • To be client centered, focusing on the individual strengths and needs of each.
  • To protect, nurture and guide survivors of abuse and neglect.
  • To encourage healthy family relationships and connections.
  • To provide clients with supportive interventions beyond basic necessities.
  • To develop programs that prevent abusive behavior toward children and do so in a culturally sensitive, responsive and inclusive manner.
  • To support, educate and direct the energy of participating family members toward a positive and healthy home environment.
  • To equip clients with life skills and resources that enable them to become self-sufficient and cope successfully with the effects of abuse and neglect.
  • To partner with other private and public agencies for the benefit of our clients and to further the Casa mission.
  • To provide personal/professional growth opportunities for Board Members and staff to enable them to effectively carry out their duties and to speak publicly in order to break the abuse cycle and prevent family violence.
  • To constitute a Board of Directors who are knowledgeable about the issues that face abused/neglected children, their families and the staff who provide services to them.