Family Visitation

Family Visitation provides a neutral supervised setting for Casa Kids up to 17 years old who have been separated from their parents as a result of, separation,child abuse or neglect. The program facilitates regular visits, positive interactions, reduction of stress and trauma, and reunification, if appropriate.    Services  Resources and education to promote safe and

residential services
Residential Services

Casa Kids, prenatal through 18 years old, who have been traumatized by severe child abuse or neglect, stay at the Casa Kids Campus, a safe and nurturing setting on 11.4 acres of land in San Marcos, California. Each Casa Kid receives comprehensive trauma informed care tailored to their individual physical, social, emotional, developmental, and educational

New Directions

Casa Kids, ages 18 to 25, who are foster and former foster youth, can participate in New Directions, a transitional housing program that equips youth with the necessary skills and resources to make a successful transition from foster care to independent living.   Services Stable housing, furnishings and basic necessities Support for overall medical and

Counseling Services

Counseling Services are offered to all Casa Kids and families in each of Casa de Amparo’s programs. Outpatient services are also provided for children and families facing individual or family stressors and/or mental health issues. Counseling staff guide, advocate for, and support children and families participating in Casa de Amparo’s programs to help treat the

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