Effectiveness & Transparency

Casa de Amparo reports progress on our goals via various means.  We post our annual service delivery statistics on our website. We distribute an Annual Report and newsletters regularly.  We mail and email update notices to our donors regarding our accomplishments and needs throughout the year.   Casa de Amparo established an independent financial Audit

Measuring Progress

Casa de Amparo stresses the importance of “SMART”* objectives. Measurability is key for not only our reporting requirements but also to guide us in improving and enhancing our programs and organizational structure overall. Read more… *Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound Efforts to Outcomes To measure qualitative/quantitative outcomes, we use Social Solutions Efforts to Outcomes (ETO),

Campaign for Casa Kids

Of great significance, Phase I of a $16 million capital construction project was completed In October 2007.  The new facilities have greatly improved the environment for the programs provided at the new site and enhanced the quality of care. An impressive $13.5 million has been secured as of January 2013 and fundraising continues to raise the

Organizational Capacity Comparison

  FY 1997 FY 2010 * Operating Expenses $1,521,528 $4,022,260   Contract Revenue 1,321,668 2,118,844   Contribution Revenue/Operating 519,282 2,203,916   Miscellaneous Revenue 15,374 111,156   Contribution Revenue/Capital 0 12,512,929 ** Primary Programs # 2 5   Annual # Clients served            Children/Teens 147 562        Adults(Parents) 42 314       

Organizational Capacity

Casa de Amparo’s strategic planning process has resulted in remarkable growth of name recognition, program addition and expansion, increased government contract and contribution revenue for both program delivery and capital construction. In addition to program enhancements, extensive technology development, and heightened financial and volunteer diversity, strategic achievements have protected the organization from the fact that

Program Objectives

Within the context of overall organizational goals, each program has its own unique objectives. Objectives and program activities are implemented within an educational framework, using every activity as a ‘teaching” or “exposure” opportunity, i.e. developing motor skills, learning interpersonal or coping skills, being exposed to diverse people, occupations, leisure activities, and arts and culture. In

Casa de Amparo’s Strategic Goals

Casa de Amparo has clear and specific goals for both the organization and each individual program, all focused on our mission of supporting those affected by and at risk of child abuse and neglect through a range of programs and services that promote healing, growth and healthy relationships. Casa de Amparo is a results-driven organization

Strategic Management

Casa de Amparo has a highly developed system of Board governance, infrastructure and policy which guides new programs and donor development. It is the result of an extensive, multi-step strategic planning process that was initiated in May 2005. Background In late 1996, a new Executive Director was hired to develop the organization to the next


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